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Joalane Tladi

51% Shareholder


In 2000, Impela Electrical was formed by Enliten Electric as a BEE company. Freedom Phakhati, who was one of three co-owners, began his empowerment journey with Impela Electrical in 2005. Freedom’s determination along with Enliten’s resources quickly saw Impela become a force to be reckoned with. Shortly after Joalane began working with Enliten Electric, we immediately recognised her potential for empowerment growth. Joalane was the type of person who had the impetus to succeed. About 2 years later, she began managing Impela electrical along with Freedom and together they grew Impela into the lucrative enterprise that it is today. In 2011, Freedom became the sole owner of Impela and Joalane moved into the Human Resources arena and began working with a globally successful company as head of their Human Resources and Transformation Department. 

2017 became the year for Enliten Electric to choose a BEE partner. This meant we needed to find the right person that would share a common business networking relationship. A person who could easily merge with with us and an individual who could truly be an effective way to share expertise and knowledge, build relationships and add value to our company. We had just the right person in mind…

In June 2017, we welcomed Joalane Tladi to Enliten Electric as our preferred BEE partner and majority shareholder. Over the years, we have seen her embrace challenges and change, all the while developing her skills and empowering herself to the successful position she currently holds today. Her integrity, consistency and excellent work ethic qualified her as our chosen BEE partner and Business Development Manager. Joalane represents the kind of person we look for in all our partners, whether they’re employees, suppliers or contractors.

In 2019, Joalane was appointed as Director of Enliten Electric and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Since Joalane’s arrival, Enliten has experienced exponential growth! We have secured 12 new projects over just 6 months as a direct result of her involvement in the business. Enliten has set a new project intake record, the highest intake we have shown in 3 years, despite the challenging times our country is facing with the recession and the Covid-19 economic crisis.  Enliten is confident that we will continue to rise above with our solid foundation and new BEE partner and director.

Alessandro Lolla

49% Shareholder


Founding Member, Alessandro Lolla, received his qualification as an Installation Electrician in 1988. With a wealth of experience in tendering, estimation, site co-ordination and negotiation, he has built a solid reputation in his field. His professionalism and determination to succeed even under the most challenging conditions has driven Enliten Electric to grow and achieve year after year.


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